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R  National Lampoon Vacation (1983)  adventure comedy
Warner Bros., more credits..
Clips from National Lampoon Vacation

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Credits for clips in National Lampoon Vacation
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Actors and Characters 
Dana Barron as Audrey Griswold
Imogene Coca as Aunt Edna
Chevy Chase as Clark Wilhelm Griswold
Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie
Jane Krakowski as Cousin Vicki
Beverly D'Angelo as Ellen Griswold
Christie Brinkley as Girl in Ferrari
Brian Doyle-Murray as Kamp Komfort Clerk
John Candy as Lasky
Nathan Cook as Man Giving Directions last
James Keach as Motorcycle cop
Christopher Jackson as Pimp
Eddie Bracken as Roy Walley
Anthony Michael Hall as Rusty Griswold
Harold Ramis
John Hughes
Robert Grand
Matty Simmons

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