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PG  Top Gun (1986)  action drama romance
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Clips from Top Gun

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Credits for clips in Top Gun
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Actors and Characters 
Duke Stroud as Air Boss Johnson
Meg Ryan as Carole Bradshaw
Kelly McGillis as Charlotte Blackwood
Anthony Edwards as Goose Lt. Nick Bradshaw
Val Kilmer as Iceman Lt. Tom Kazanski
Michael Ironside as Jester Lt. Cmdr Rick Heatherly
Tom Cruise as Maverick Lt. Pete Mitchell
Tim Robbins as Merlin Lt. Sam Wells
Rick Rossovich as Slider Lt. Ron Kerner
James Tolkan as Stinger
Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Sundown
Tom Skerritt as Viper Cmdr. Mike Metcalf
Tony Scott
Ehud Yonay
Jim Cash
Jack Epps Jr.
Don Simpson
Jerry Bruckheimer
Bill Badalato

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