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About KillerClips

At KillerClips we love movies.

So much love that we decided to mold a new experience online dedicated to people like us that love to quote movie lines with colleagues, friends and family.

There are also many excellent movie sites that provide movie information, games, and multimedia to view and listen. KillerClips is another approach to online movie browsing.

As a growing reference of video clips that speaks to an MTV generation, our goal is to archive movie content that reflects how we see and communicate in the modern world.

Film media is a kinetic language that is used in all kinds of circumstances. The art of quoting movies is a device for social interaction. Inpsiring moments that seem sad, funny, witty and reflective all share moments that can be eloquently described with the most memorable movie scenes.

As an educational reference, seeks to cultivate a community of movie fans -- and help define an alternative multimedia library to navigate and experience movie content online. KillerClips wants to thank all the movie studios and affiliates that have made this clip library possible.

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Channel Productions Universal Pictures/MCA
Brooksfilms Ltd. MGM
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Working title Films
A Band Apart Jersey Films Miramax Films
Robert Simonds Productions Universal Pictures
Geffen Pictures Warner Bros.
Castle Rock Entertainment Columbia Pictures New Line Cinema
Orion Pictures Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Warner Home Video MGM/UA Home Entertainment
De Laurentiis Univeral Pictures
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Silver Screen Partners IV Touchstone Pictures
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De Fina-Cappa Syalis D.A. & Legende Enterprises Universal Pictures
Gramercy Pictures Propaganda Films Single Cell Pictures
Dino de Laurentiis Cinemtograf Introvision, Renaissance Univeral Pictures
Fear and Loathing LLC Rhino Films, Shark Productions Universal Pictures
Channel Four Films PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Working Title Films
Act III Communications, Buttercup Films Ltd. 20th Century Fox MGM
Pixar Studios Walt Disney Pictures Buena Vista
Universal Pictures MCA
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Spelling Films International Blue Parrot, Bad Hat Harry
Morgan Creek Productions Warner Bros.
Lucasfilm Ltd. Paramount Pictures
Castle Rock Entertainment Columbia Pictures Corporation
Miramax Films View Askew Productions
Paramount Pictures VH1 Television Red Hour Productions
Germ Free Productions Touchstone Pictures Bandeira Entertainment
Universal Pictures Tribeca Productions DreamWorks SKG
Art Linson Productions Fox 2000 Pictures Regency Enterprises
Amblin Entertainment Universal Pictures
Warner Bros.
Universal Pictures Zanuck-Brown Productions
Blade Runner Partnership The Ladd Company
Bachelor Party Productions Aspect Ratio Film
Caroclo Pictures TriStar Pictures
Live Entertainment Dog Eat Dog Productions
GGR, Zupnik Cinema New Line Cinema
Paramount Pictures
David L. Wolper Productions Paramount Pictures
Mordecai Films, Touchstone American Empirical Pictures
MGM Polaris Warner Bros
PSO TriStar Pictures Fox Video
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Canal+ JVC Entertainment Plywood Productions
Michael White Productions National Film Trustee Python Pictures Limited
Amblin Entertainment Universal Pictures Columbia TriStar Home Video
20th Century Fox Icon Entertainment Paramount Pictures
Orion Pictures Corporation MGM Home Entertainment
Cinemarque New World Entertainment Anchor Bay
Universal Pictures MCA
Guber-Peters Company Mirage Entertainment, MGM/UA Star Partners II Ltd.
20th Century Fox TAFT Entertainment Pictures
Columbia Pictures RCA
Broken Lizard, Fox Searchlight Cataland Films, Jersey Shore 20th Century Fox
Paramount Pictures
Elmer Productions Warner Bros
Eddie Murphy Productions Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Orion Pictures MGM/UA
Paramount Pictures
20th Century Fox EMI Films Ltd. Highlander Productions Limited
Columbia Pictures Corporation SKA Films
Access/MTV Films Napoleon Pictures Limited Fox Searchlight Pictures
40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks MCA/Univeral Pictures The Criterion Collection
Blue Sea Productions Inc. Stillking Films Montecito Picture Company
Crossbow Productions Warner Bros. Creative Design
New Line Cinema Team Todd Moving Pictures
Mandalay Entertainment Mark Johnson Pictures TriStar, Baltimore Pictures
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