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Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1990)
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 Charlie Sheen Bad Boy
 Alan Ruck Cameron Frye
 Jonathan Schmock Chez Quis Maitre D
 Jeffrey Jones Ed Rooney
 Matthew Broderick Ferris Bueller
 Richard Edson Garage Attendant
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 Jennifer Grey Jeanie Bueller
 Cindy Pickett Katie Bueller
 ???  Oh My God girl
 Kristy Swanson Simone Adamley
 Mia Sara Sloane Peterson
 Lyman Ward Tom Bueller
 Ben Stein VooDoo man Econ prof
 i cant see that far  bite the big one junior  you have your health be thankful
 they bought it  one of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second  [ classic mtv sound ]
 its a little childish and stupid but then so is high school  the key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands  barf up a lung
 i recall central park in fall  i do have a test today that was not bullshit  they could be fascist anarchists it still wont change the fact that i dont own a car
 a person should not believe in an ism  i quote john lennon i dont believe in beatles i just believe in me  good point there after all he was the walrus
 bueller bueller  my best friends sisters brothers girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid  no problem what so ever
 pardon my french  when cameron came to egyp land let my cameron go  if you were to stick a piece of coal up his ass in two months you would have a diamond
 nine times  an examplary attendance record  this is news to me it usually is
 never had one lesson  i assure ferris is a very sick boy 
 he is such a sweetie got to go  give his eyes to stevie wonder 
 oh my god your dying  did you see alien yeah why  you think you will be alive this weekend
 makes you look like an ass is what does ed  with your bad knee ed you should not throw anybody  they all think he is a righteous dude
 take a hot bath and wrap a hot towel around your head  all this talking has made me light headed  if your not here in fifteen minutes you can find a new best friend
 i will go i will go  he will keep calling me  he will make me feel guilty
 in what way  does the authors use of the prison  and how this relates to the uses of irony
 i wanna see this dead grandmother firsthand  did you say you wanna see a body  roll her old bones out here and i will dig up your daugher you know thats school policy
 a family member dies and you insult me  what the hell is the matter with you anyway  pardon my french but your an asshole
 wheres your brain why did you kick me  i asked you first  i did not hit you i lightly slapped you
 it is his love it is his passion  it is his fault he did not lock the garage  the nineteen sixty one ferrari two fifty gt california
 do you have a kiss for daddy  are you kidding  so thats how it is in their family
 the question is what arent we going to do  what are we going to do 
 you heartless wench  save ferris  they cost about fifty gees or so
 what country you think this is  you speak english  i am a professional
 the sausage king of chicago  hello my i help you you can sure as hell try  your abe froman
 you touch me i yell rat  are you suggesting that i am not who i say i am  i weep for the future
 this is sergeant peterson chicago police  i appreciate your understanding dont think twice  it takes understanding for people like us to tolerate people like yourself
 who is winning  whats the score zero zero  the bears
 swing batter  hey batter batter 
 i need help  speak any english  i am very cute
 and a scorching case of herpes  excuse me whoever is in the house that is still in the house  i would also like to add i have my fathers gun
 i heard that you were feeling ill  headache fever and a chill  i came here to restore your pluck
 gummy bear  they have been in my pocket all day  first time in a school bus

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