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Braveheart (1995)
 James Cosmo Campbell
 Brendan Gleeson Hamish Campbell
 Patrick McGoohan Longshanks King Edward I
 Catherine McCormack Murron MacClannough
 Jeanne Marine Nicolette
 Peter Hanly Prince Edward of Wales
 Sophie Marceau Princess Isabelle
 Angus Macfadyen Robert the Bruce
 David O'Hara Stephen Irish Fighter
 Ian Bannen The Leper
 Mel Gibson William Wallace
 most excellent idea sire  we will breed them out  taxes
 do you confess  must be purified by pain 
 [ i am not a liar ]  latin  i am a savage
 i am skilled in the arts of war  i have made phillip high council  tell me
 your island you mean ireland yeah its mine   almighty says answer the fucking question  prettier than this
 knowing their minds is the key to the throne  comprise is what separates 
 one day you will be a king  try to act like one 
 some men are longer than others  your mom has been telling stories about me  great big spears
 the lord tells me he can get me out of this mess   but he is pretty sure your fucked  [ weird laugh ]
 the trouble with scotland  is they have scots 

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