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Airplane (1980)
 Robert Stack Capt. Rex Kramer
 Peter Graves Captain Oveur
 Leslie Nielsen Dr. Rumack
 Julie Hagerty Elaine Dickinson
 Al White Jive Dude 2
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Roger Murdock
 Lloyd Bridges Steve McRoskey
 Robert Hays Ted Striker
 ???  Timmy
 whats our vector victor   roger clarence over 
 you ever seen a grown man naked   we have something special for our special visitors you ever been in a cockpit before  joey you ever hang around the gymnasium
 have you ever been in a turkish prison   i shouldnt had that second cup of coffee  jim never vomits at home
 i cant tell you can tell me i am a doctor   you cant tell me for another two hours 
 accompanied by uncontrollable flatulance   followed by the inevitable drooling  until finally the poor bastard is reduced quivering waste piece of jelly
 and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight  by the way is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane 
 i am serious and dont call me surely  can you fly this plane and land it  its an entirely kind of flying all together
 i got to get out of here  i cant stand this anymore  calm down get a hold yourself together
 oh stewardess i speak jive  im sorry i dont undertand cutter say he cant hang  just hang loose blood i dug her rap chump dont want the help
 oh its a pretty big white plane  ok boys lets take some pictures  what kind of plane is it
 i say let them crash  they bought the tickets 
 respect find out what it means to me  surely you can do something im doing everything i can  and stop calling me surely
 me john big tree  the head hancho boss  to the tower rupunsel
 i picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue  sure is quiet out there yeah too quite 

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